My ABC of URLs

Some time ago I realised that rather than use a bookmark for Khan Academy or Facebook, I could just type k or f into the URL bar of my browser then press enter, and Chrome would autocomplete the URL and take me to the page I wanted. So I wondered, which websites I could do this with - presumably only those that I visited regularly or that started with an uncommon letter.

So here is the list of websites I get by typing each letter of the alphabet into my browser:

Several, like facebook, amazon and youtube are unsurprising. A lot of others -,,,, localhost:8000, - are due to work or other programming projects. Two of them are my own websites ( now beats this site, which wasn't always the case.) But others, like,, I don't remember visiting. ello, I think I've only been to once and I'm not sure what as it no longer seems to load.

It seems a bit sad there is nothing for j or z, but Chrome does suggest John Lewis or Zoopla, so maybe I should visit them.

I'll try again in a years time or so to see if any have changed.


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